Greater transparency required

You may have read about the situation which has arisen concerning Compass Box’s breaching of Scotch Whisky Regulations by openly declaring the detailed composition of two of its new products which breach the rules that that a maturation period or age ‘may only be specified in the description, presentation or labelling of a spirit drink where it refers to the youngest alcoholic component’. In cases where whisky from several years has been used within a bottling, we are prohibited from displaying this information on packaging, and indeed any brand marketing materials, including our website.

At Tomatin Distillery, we pride ourselves on our open, transparent and honest nature – in our place, our people and our product. Consumers are often interested in the age of our NAS (No Age Statement) expressions (Legacy and Cask Strength) – we are happy to discuss this with those who are interested.

With this in mind, and in response to an Open Letter from, we agree that greater transparency is needed and we would like to ask the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) to lobby for a clause to be inserted in the Regulation permitting this option to exist for Scotch whisky.

Robert Anderson
The Tomatin Distillery Co Ltd