Following our recent announcement of the rebranded core range, we took over Edinburgh Waverley train station on Wednesday to unveil the new look to consumers.  Joined by our 'softer side of the Highlands' campaign shepherd and his soft sheep-dog (poodle), we caused quite a stir as whisky aficionados, bloggers and press joined us on the stand in Edinburgh’s Waverley Station to experience ‘The Softer Side of the Highlands’ live!  

Commuters and travellers from all over the world were able to interact with our brand, see the new bottles up close and meet our, now famous, shepherd and poodle. 

"At Tomatin we feel privileged to have such loyal and often fanatic customers who are keen to engage with us and support our brand's growth. Edinburgh Waverley presented an exciting opportunity for us to connect with our central belt customers and we were delighted with the positive feedback we received.” Jennifer Masson, Marketing Manager.