Today we have launched the third expression in our Five Virtue Series - Earth.

The natural elements involved in our whisky production process inspired our limited edition single malt series, Five Virtues: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The Wood and Fire expressions were launched earlier this year.

The Earth single malt has a distinct character, as a consequence of having been distilled with peat-dried malted barley; giving it richly intense and, unusually for Tomatin, peaty flavours - we only distil with peated barley for two weeks of every year and this spirit is never usually released under the Tomatin brand name.  The Earth expression offers an alluring mix of vanilla, burning heather and black fruit aromas with sweet, light smoke on the palate..

Tomatin Route 501

To celebrate the launch of the third in the Five Virtues series, we have collaborated with Scottish adventure bloggers, North, and created the Tomatin Route 501 to give whisky fans an opportunity to bring to life the ‘Five Virtues’ series of whiskies through stunning Scottish landscapes that reflect the elements and names of the five single malt whiskies – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Join in the adventure here!


The Tomatin Five Virtues series comes uniquely packaged in cartons adorned with contemporary art, created by Eva Ullrich. To mark the launch of the new Earth expression, we will shortly be exhibiting all five of the stunning paintings by Eva Ullrich in a gallery within the distillery Still House.

Earth, the third expression in the Five Virtue Series launches officially at the Whisky Exchange Show in London on 30 September 2017. It has a limited run of 6,000 bottles and can be enjoyed from specialist whisky retailers from 30 September 2017 at £49.99 for 70cl.