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We are pleased to announce that we’re officially the fastest growing, top ten single malt whisky, in the US. Recent figures released by Impact Databank confirm that Tomatin has increased its foothold in the US by a massive 52% following significant international growth. 

We sold more than 35,000 cases of branded product stateside in 2017, amounting to almost £2 million worth of sales. The brand proved particularly popular in states including New York, Texas and California.   

Graham Nicolson, our Sales Director, said, “There is growing demand for Tomatin stateside and, thanks to our fantastic partnership with Phillips  Distilling Co., we have been able to meet this demand and grow Tomatin’s US presence at a significant pace.” He added, “2018 has been a year of intense acceleration for Tomatin, not just in the US, but in the UK too. We are delighted to celebrate this latest business milestone and look forward to further growing the brand in the US, and beyond, as we head into 2019.”


Commenting on the US market, Sarah Dickson, International Director at the Scotch Whisky Association, said: “The US continues to be the largest export market for Scotch Whisky, accounting for over £921.7 million in exports last year.” She continued:  “Single malts are extremely popular in the USA, with the country representing 26% of overall value of single malt exports – and the equivalent of 23.7 million bottles shipped to the country in 2017. On a global level, single malts continue to perform strongly, and since topping £1bn in exports in 2016 are now valued at £1.2 billion.”

Christopher Null, a California-based whisky blogger and Editor of Drink Hacker, commented: “This is huge news for a generally under sung brand that is known for both its impressive – and often unique – expressions and reasonable pricing.” He added: “Tomatin hasn’t been well-known by most US consumers, so annual growth of 52% is a huge accomplishment that will seemingly be changing things in short order. I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of these whiskies on the US market.”

Cheers to that!