Tomatin has swept the board at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, with seven Double Gold wins and four Gold awards. The latest victories cement a decade of success, with nearly 60 prestigious accolades across the board.

Founded in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirit Competition recognises exceptional products in the spirits industry, with a judging panel made up of 40 industry experts who ‘blind’ taste-test all products to prevent brand reputation or bottling style from impacting on the final award given. Entries that receive the coveted ‘Double Gold’ award have been rated as ‘Gold’ by every judge on the panel.

Scooping 11 awards of Gold or higher, our core range excelled with 4 Double Gold awards and 3 Gold awards, a new record for the core range. Our exclusive Tomatin Travel Retail range also came out on top, with 2 Double Gold wins and a Gold. Lastly, our 21 Year Old American Exclusive single malt, which was released last year, also scooped a Double Gold win.


Graham Nicolson, Sales Director of Tomatin said: “This has been an amazing year for Tomatin. The fact that we’ve received a gold or double gold award for every whisky we entered is a fantastic achievement. I’m proud to say the Tomatin range excels at all levels.”

This year, we have received no less than seven Double Golds, with success reigning supreme for our Core Range. The range starts at entry level Tomatin Legacy (£30) and extends to the exquisite Tomatin 36 Year Old (£600); all products in the Core Range have been awarded Gold or Double Gold at this year’s awards. Over the past decade Tomatin have received 17 Double Gold, 24 Gold, 16 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

Graham Eunson, Distillery Manager at Tomatin, said: “Over 3,000 spirits were judged at this year’s awards, and to triumph across the board is a big accomplishment for the Distillery team. Our wood policy is second to none; we produce a high-quality spirit which develops into exceptional whisky through maturation in the right casks, these awards prove that we’re amongst the best in the world.”

Tomatin 30 awards.jpg

Tomatin 30 Year Old, our latest addition to the core range, was also awarded with ‘World’s Best Design’ at the World Whisky Awards held in London, this is our first dedicated ‘Design’ win at the prestigious ceremony.

Over the past few years we have invested a lot of time in rediscovering our distillery, people and values and refining our business model to move away from the formerly lucrative bulk commodity market and focus on our core brands. In 2002 the number of stills was reduced to 12 and we are now comfortably producing just over 2 million litres of alcohol annually. Our strategy has been transformed and we are now producing some of the finest Scottish Single Malts in the world, and in turn promoting and growing the Tomatin brand in its own right.


Tomatin Core Range
Gold Medal                        – Tomatin Legacy Single Malt
Double Gold Medal         – Tomatin 12 Year Old Single Malt
Gold Medal                         – Tomatin Cask Strength Single Malt
Double Gold Medal          – Tomatin 14 Year Old Single Malt
Double Gold Medal          – Tomatin 18 Year Old Single Malt
Gold Medal                          – Tomatin 30 Year Old Single Malt
Double Gold Medal           – Tomatin 36 Year Old Single Malt

Tomatin Travel Retail
Double Gold Medal            – Tomatin 8 Year Old Single Malt Travel Retail
Double Gold Medal            – Tomatin 12 Year Old Single Malt Travel Retail
Gold Medal                           – Tomatin 15 Year Old Single Malt Travel Retail
Double Gold Medal            – Tomatin 40 Year Old Single Malt Travel Retail

Tomatin US Exclusive
Double Gold Medal            – Tomatin 21 Year Old Single Malt (North America Exclusive)