Every year distilleries in Scotland will cease production for various lengths of time to carry out essential maintenance. The longest duration is typically in Summer, as we get slightly better weather (only slightly!). Visitors may be disappointed that the distillery isn't up and running, but from these pictures you can see it's certainly not boring!


Wash stills 2 and 5 were in need of new shoulder plates, we then ran into a bit of an issue when they wouldn't fit through the bridge and had to be squeezed through the burn! Hilarity ensued as it turns out isolated shoulder plates look a bit extra terrestrial... #Area51

The mash house roof was removed, water tank replaced, we've had sunshine and we've had thunderstorms. On the 13th of August we hope for production to be back up and running. Our visitor centre and tours are running from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Have a great weekend!