If there is someone who can lay claim to being a Tomatin legend it’s Charlie.  Having grown up on site since the age of 3, he knows the distillery by every nook and cranny. Despite a brief spell with the Bank of Scotland, he decided banking was not for him, and returned to Tomatin and everything he knew.

Thinking back fondly on his time growing up on site,

“There was always a good community, a good bunch of people who were hard working and committed to the distillery, there has always been a good feel about the place.”

Key to the smoothness of the whisky and indeed the distillery, Charlie is our Production Manager, overseeing everything from the raw materials arriving on time to the process that produces the finished product running smoothly.  He certainly has the experience to do so too having joined the distillery in 1974, he also learned a great deal from his father who initially came to the distillery as a cooper in 1954 and then worked as our Distillery Manager from 1978 to 1990. Charlie and his family have played an integral role to the production of the malts we know, love and taste today. 

Charlie retired in 2017 after 43 years, and lives in the village of Tomatin. As for the secret to success at Tomatin after all these years, we’ll leave the last word to him:

“A smoother running distillery of course.  The distillery here, it’s not like all the others. We have a loyal workforce, who are all committed and the distillery lies at the heart of this.”