At first, Eva Ullrich’s work appears abstract – a series of colours placed on a page – yet, as is with whisky production, there is much more to her process of creation.

Ullrich uses “painting’s inherent language as a platform to create landscapes”. She is not an abstract artist, she is a landscape artist who embraces and is embraced by the rhythm of nature, which made her the perfect partner for this limited series.

The Five Virtues are five dynamic movements of energy. The series focuses on transformation, with strong marks running right through, shifting from one side of the canvas to the other. Ullrich let the process of painting unfold naturally.

Each element generates the next - the marks of the textured grain in wood blend intuitively into fire, warm colours evaporate into a glowing heat. Charred ash breaks down into earthy reds and greens using real earth pigments. The subtle green and purple layers in metal blend continuously into watery shapes with animated broken marks in water.