You may hear people telling you the 'correct' way to drink single malt. Well, there is only one correct way - whichever way you like it! Whether you like it neat, with a drop of water or on the rocks, single malt is also a great spirit for cocktails too. Check out a few of our favourites here.


We’ve teamed up with award-winning Scottish chef Jacqueline O’Donnell to bring you a selection of perfect pairings.  Discover how to unlock the flavours of your favourite malt with  these delicious dishes from our Scots larder. 

discover tomatin life

At Tomatin, we are more than just a distillery. Since 1897 our people have worked hard to build the Tomatin community that exists today and lies at the heart of everything we do. Tomatin Life is a celebration of our people, our place and, of course, our whisky.



Until you get the chance to visit us in person, here's a wee taste of our distillery visitor centre experience. Use the interactive map below to explore - head out the door and turn left to go into Warehouse 6 to get a glimpse of our sleeping casks!