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The Metal Edition


46% alc./vol.

6000 bottles available

The fourth phase of the cycle is represented by our twelve beautiful copper stills, through which every drop of Tomatin spirit flows. Unique in shape and size to Tomatin thus giving us our own distinctive characteristics, we have matched Metal with classic first fill Bourbon barrels which demonstrate the definitive Tomatin style.

This edition is typically Tomatin; soft, sweet and light. Soft creamy vanilla flavours laced with sweet treats such as milk chocolate, marshmallows and ice cream. Citrus notes emerge with equally sweet spices.

  • Nose – Soft, creamy vanilla with sweet chocolate and Macadamia nuts.
  • Taste – Citrus notes come to the fore with sweet spices.
  • Finish – Typically Tomatin; soft, sweet and light.

The Five Virtues Series does not carry an age statement, however we aim to be as open and transparent as we are allowed to be under EU law, request the recipe below...