Released June 2012

An exceptionally high quality spirit which has been matured for over 15 years in a combination of Bourbon barrels and Tempranillo wine casks. It was agreed that 52% was the optimum strength for achieving the perfect balance between flavour, body and overall mouth feel. The result is a whisky which is dominated by deep fruity aromas softened by a sweet candy flavour with a long lasting and very creamy finish.

  • Bottled at 52% abv and non chill filtered 
  • Only 3,150 bottles available worldwide
  • Matured in: a combination of 2nd fill Bourbon barrels and Tempranillo wine casks

“I’ve always found the interaction between the casks and the whisky fascinating and this expression of Tomatin is no exception. The intensity of the wine casks is gently softened by the use of second fill ex-bourbons to achieve a perfect balance. The combination of flavours and aromas achieved by the use of these differing casks is fantastic. There’s always a sense of anticipation and excitement when you experience a potential new whisky for the first time and in this case, those emotions were well justified.”


Aroma: Deep fruity aromas are dominant with plums, blackberries and fresh grapefruit taking centre stage. Softens with hints of vanilla, tobacco leaves, beeswax and sugar candy.

Palate: The sweet candy flavour plays a major role in the overall structure of this single malt. Like the nose the palate is rewarded with some big fruity flavours – bananas, crunchy green apples and poached pears – which are nicely balanced with the drying tannins and white pepper.

Finish: Once the spiciness subsides the finish is long lasting and very creamy.


Whisky Advocate - Fall 2012
86 points
The latest release from Tomatin distillery is a limited edition (3,150 bottles) 15 year old that has been matured in a combination of second-fill bourbon barrels and tempranillo wine casks (the grape of full-bodied Spanish reds like those from Rioja). The nose offers fruit cocktail and salted popcorn, while milk chocolate, vanilla, and nutty caramel notes emerge. Soft chocolate, bananas, and autumn berries on the slightly peppery palate. The finish is nutty, with lingering spice, peppery oak, and finally a lengthy, creamy sensation.
(Fall 2012) Reviewed by: Gavin Smith