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The Water Edition


46% alc./vol.

6000 bottles available

The fifth phase of this perpetual cycle is represented by naturally pure and soft water from the Alt-na-Frith burn. Drawn year-round, this is our private water source running right through the distillery grounds. This edition deliberately employs winter distilled spirit, where reduced contact with our copper stills enriches the final flavour.

Delightfully mature, fruity flavours. Hints of chocolate honeycomb and smooth toffee are complemented by rich blood orange marmalade. This is a warming whisky with a long and oily finish.

  • Nose – Mature fruity flavours with chocolate honeycomb.
  • Taste – Rich toffee and marzipan with blood orange marmalade.
  • Finish – Warming with a long and oily finish.

The Five Virtues Series does not carry an age statement, however we aim to be as open and transparent as we are allowed to be under EU law, request the recipe below...