Unwin, or Win to his fellow craftsmen, is one of the selected few, the new generation of Tomatin, entrusted with carrying on our story and tradition.

Whilst working on his mother’s farm, Win took on a position as a cleaner for a second job at Tomatin when, by chance, an opportunity to join the Distillery team full time became available.  Whilst he admits he fell into the opportunity it was the appeal of a ‘job for life’ that fuelled Win’s passion to work at Tomatin.

Working in the Mash House under the experienced eye of Martin Hendry, Win is learning all the time. 

“The whole thing is a unique skill. Looking at the thickness of the mash, you start to hear things and detect different sounds. There is no manual for the way we create our whisky - it’s all about eye, feel and aromas.”

For Win, there is a certain romance that surrounds the traditional way we work at Tomatin.  Our hands-on approach and established way our craftsmen work is now a rarity in the industry, but one that we wish to retain for years to come.

As for Win:

“The people drew me here, they are a good blend of traditional Highland folk.  I feel very proud to be part of our next chapter”.