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The Wood Edition


46% alc./vol.

6000 bottles available

The first, and most significant, virtue in the production cycle is embodied in this edition by the use of carefully selected French, American and Hungarian oak casks during maturation, representative of the many varieties of the 177,000 casks we hold in our 14 warehouses.

Reminiscent of a perfectly balanced Old Fashioned cocktail, with flavours of brown sugar, orange peel, soft vanilla and oaky spice. It is complex and round with a long, rich finish.

  • Nose –Complex and round, oaky spices with a warming toasted undertone.
  • Taste –Brown sugar, orange peel, soft vanilla and oaky spice; like a perfectly balanced old fashioned.
  • Finish –Long and round with rich spice.

The Five Virtues Series does not carry an age statement, however we aim to be as open and transparent as we are allowed to be under EU law, request the recipe below...